Expandable Pressure Washer

Magic Hose Pipe

Features & Benefits

Elegantly clean your home , car , bike , floor and water your garden and plants

Multi Uses For Daily Life

Gardening, car washing, house cleaning


Lightweight And Durable

Portable size, convenient to carry, use & store.

Covered with polyester fabric to protect inner tube


Ergonomic Handle

Not easy to tangle, twist or kink.

Made of high quality material for long-term use

Made of high quality ABS plastic.

comfortable to use


Multi-Function Spray Head With 7 Modes.

7 adjustable modes, including flat, center, cone, full, mist, jet, shower


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50ft @ Ksh. 1,500

75ft @ Ksh. 1,800

100ft @ Ksh. 2,000

150ft @ Ksh. 2,500

200ft @ Ksh. 3,000

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