Mosquito Killer

Mosquitos are just annoying aren't they? The darn things never stop. But, worry not, we are here to help you win the battle; and with grace.

How it works

It works from a simple but effective tactic. Attract, capture, kill. Once you get them, they can never escape alive!

Swift and Ruthless

Produces a slight, almost soundless breeze sound. Even people with sleeping disorders can sleep through the action.

Physical Mosquito Control - No Chemicals

You can now avoid use of chemical and radiation methods that often have some short and long-term effects on your health. Its harmless for use with children and even pregnant mothers.

Versatile - Use it in any room

Use it in a wide range of settings. You can even bring it on your outdoor excursions.

How it's used?

Connect to any power source, via the universal USB cable. you can use your phone charger head, a laptop or even your power bank.

All mosquitos will get trapped in there overnight and will dehydrate and die. You can then open the lower chamber and take them out.

It's waterproof! so you can dispose of the mosquitos and wash your device.

Do the math

This mosquito killer is more effective than chemical repellants (which you'll need to buy every month), and you can't use a mosquito net in your living room, can you?

Take Advantage of this One Time OFFER!!!

Normal Price: Sh. 3,500

OFFER PRICE: Sh. 1,999

How you get it

Pay on Delivery Countrywide

Within Nairobi and suburbs. We'll send someone to deliver to your location, and you'll pay when you get it. Cash or M-Pesa is acceptable on delivery.

We'll send you a parcel if you're not in Nairobi or Kiambu. Pay for your goods when you get them, but you're required to pay Parcel fees (Sh. 400) before we dispatch your goods.

Use Our Lipa na M-Pesa Paybill

Ready to get done with mosquitos?

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